Dragon Nest is swooping in with an update

By Tam Mageean
dragon nest update

Normally when we see an mmo offering a level cap increase it's big news. Level caps let you reach that little higher, giving you more space to progress into and keep you going til the game's next big expansion or event. Even with some of the biggest mmorpg games, the level cap increase will typically be either a 5 or 10 level increase, and they're scarcely placed.

Dragon Nest isn't doing things by halves, however. So, in the next Dragon Nest Europe update, the cap will be jumping a mighty 20 levels, from 40 to 60; definitely enough to keep you warm over the winter season.

With a leap this high, naturally, the difficulty has to leap too, so a range of level 60 nests, 4 new dungeons and a whole new explorable area will be entering the realm.

What happens when you hit your level cap in most mmo games? Typically, all that extra EXP you earn typically floats off into the atmosphere, never to be earned, never to be seen again. The solution in Dragon Nest, that comes in the winter update, is that once you hit your cap, any excess EXP earned when you clear a dungeon or complete a quest will be turned into gold, so there's still a value to running raids.

The update will be landing on December 11th, so get ready to get your grind on!


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