Dragon Nest releases "Resurrection" content spotlight

By Michael Jamias
dragon nest resurrection content spotlight

See what the newest Dragon Nest Resurrection update is bringing to the table in this summary trailer.

The Resurrection content spotlight runs through all the new features and dungeons coming to the online rpg.

First is the increased level cap to 60 that comes with 48 new skills -- including those for the latest added character Kali -- as well as special XP and farming gain boosts.

From the video, we learn that players can collect four new endgame armor sets and weapons that provide bonus attack and defense. Even some of the more casual PvP players stand a chance to earn some of the best new gear in the game as Dragon Nest developers make the items available in as ladder prizes.

PvE fans also get to explore and fight through five new dungeons. Those who easily conquer these dungeons can take the next step up and challenge the two new raid nests -- Typhoon Crag nest and Professor K nest.

Typhoon Crag doles out savage spins and slashes, and charges up an ultimate that could wipe out unprepared mmo raiding teams. Meanwhile, Professor K chooses to ravage his opponents with saw attacks and toxic poison, before transforming into a massive electric Hulk when pushed to the brink of defeat.

Both nests though promise to reward ingredient drops necessary for making the new level 60 armor sets, which should make defeating both tough bosses a priority for endgame power players.


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