Dragon Nest's Newest Character - Kali the Prophet

By Michael Jamias
dragon nest kali character

Dragon Nest’s newest character Kali doles out magic-melee combos meant to dazzle fans of and destroy foes in the free rpg.

Kali – also known as the Second Prophet – joins Rose to become a dangerous duo of Chosen Ones, a seemingly illogical plot development that Dragon Nest developers explain off as a twist of destiny. Kali was trained as a shaman and, through a series of unfortunate events that include the massacre of her tribe, she now serves as the “guardian and foil” to Rose.

Both Kali and Rose seem to possess the same ferocious will of the Ancients to wreck evil guys straight in the face, but Kali seems to prefer more stylish fan attacks and precise chakram strikes that can disable targets.

See her graceful dance devastate targets in her Dragon Nest launch trailer:

In the combat classifications, Dragon Nest Kali is a mid-range character that casts a lot of spells and eventually manages to summon demons to help her out when she has progressed to higher class advancements.

Fans of the Dragon Nest mmo who decide to play her will wield fans and chakrams. Her fans deal missiles that inflict non-elemental magic damage, while her chakrams empower her spinning hit combos until the target has fallen. She has two mmorpg sub-classes – the Screamer that uses dark claws and spews out dark magic attacks, while the Dancer has mastered the blade to mince foes up close.


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