Win a BMW Mini Cooper in Dragon Nest Europe's launch contest

By Michael Jamias
dragon nest europe win bmw

Dragon Nest fans across the Atlantic can win a “superbly equipped” BMW Mini Cooper by playing the free online rpg when it launches this December.

In a release, Dragon Nest Europe publisher eFusion MMOG GmbH said that the slick BMW ride is one of its major promotional prizes to help promote the title’s launch in the continent.

The European version of the game will offer four major European languages including English, German, French and Spanish.

Don’t expect a simple raffle though. Players will have to work for the coveted car, said the European mmo game publisher, teasing that the pre-open contest has “a fairly average level of difficulty and will run till 2 months after the official launch of Dragon Nest Europe.”

Details of the pre-open contest will be gradually unveiled on the Dragon Nest Europe Facebook page in stages as it gathers more likes. The first goal is to hit 5,000 Likes.

The EU continent represents one of the last great frontiers for Dragon Nest. The fantasy-based free rpg developed by Eyedentity Games in Korea has already launched and gathered a strong following in North America and Asia.

Contat Desfontaines, managing director of the Dragon Nest animated film currently in the works, said in a recent interview that the game currently has 120 million online players worldwide.


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