Dragon Nest unleashes desert dragon Zakad and new zones

By Michael Jamias
dragon nest desert zones

Brave the punishing sands of the Desert Dragon Nest, newly unlocked for the free online rpg.

Nexon launched its latest major content update for its Dragon Nest game over the weekend, opening up a line-up of desert-themed areas, including three new zones and seven gates. Get to venture into the Desert Ship, Dry Mirage Garden, Storm Lookout Tower, Desert Dragon Temple, Mushroom Stone Valley and many more new locales.

Only heroes level 60 and above are advised to venture into the Desert Dragon Nest. Entry will require 1 Zakad's Eye, which is earned by clearing Typhoon Krag Nest or Professor K's Nest on the grueling Hell mode.) Level 60 unique weapons, armor and sparks will be given to those who triumph over the Desert Dragon Zakad and the rest of the foes littering the scorching wasteland.

Nexon has also bumped up the difficulty level across the five existing Dragon Nests along with appropriately improved loot drops, which should entice players to run through them again.

The Desert Dragon Nest update also brings two new mini games called the “Find Ed’s Jar” and “Break the Cactus."

With Halloween just around the corner, Nexon is also serving up special holiday-themed costumes and items like pumpkin heads and ghost transformation potions. Players who spend the most time in the MMORPG during the Halloween event period will get the best rewards.


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