Dragon Nest Europe begins alpha testing

By Michael Jamias
dragon nest alpha testing europe

The 3D fantasy mmorpg will select 100 lucky gamers for the five-day alpha test.

Scheduled from November 23 to 27, the Dragon Nest Europe alpha test brings the game closer to release in the continent. Players can start applying for the alpha test here starting November 8 to November 20.

In its Facebook announcement, Dragon Nest Europe said that alpha testers will be able to take character names ahead of everyone else, and get to keep them throughout the beta testing and eventual launch. Alpha testers will also receive a special in-game item, details of which will be unveiled at a later date.

The free online rpg, which has already been released in NA and several other countries, will be published by eFusion MMOG GmbH, a popular European publisher of massively multi-player online games.

Developers are racing to make good on its promise to release the title at the end of 2012 in four localized languages – English, German, French and Spanish.

With the arrival of alpha testing and less than two months to go before its scheduled debut, Dragon Nest Europe is also ramping up the promotions to get fans talking about the game. This includes an extravagant BMW Mini Cooper prize that will ask the most dedicated fans to perform a series of tasks leading up to the launch date.


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