Dragon Nest News

Dragon Nest adds the Arch Heretic
It appears that judgment time has come for the unrighteous in Dragon Nest. The fantasy mmorpg has just released its latest update with new costumes, dragon eggs, and a new character for gamers to enjoy. The Dragon Nest Arch Heretic makes his introduction to the game as the world of Altea is rekindling the fire with this descendant of the cleric.The Dragon Nest Arch Heretic is the most powerful and aggressive descendant of the cleric's family,...
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Jan 18 2017
Dragon Nest Machina class added
The players of the Dragon Nest mmo are getting a new ally for the fight against evil with a new playable class. This ally is literally armed with the power of steam to lay down some steampunk-style justice to those who stand against her. Starting with the next update, gamers will be able to play the new Dragon Nest Machina class in all her glory.The new Dragon Nest Machina class is armed with a huge mechanical arm that allows her to use the a...
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Dec 07 2015
dragon nest labyrinth development
In the war between Eastern mmorpg games, Dragon Nest has planted flags in more regions than most. With a whopping 10 different localizations, the guys at Eyedentity games clearly wanted to make their fantasy mmo as accessible as possible. Furthering their efforts, the game quickly rose to cult franchise-status after launching a movie, a toy range, a manga, a trading card series and, now, they're taking their crusade one step further. Earlier thi...
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Nov 26 2014
Hardcore mode coming to Dragon Nest dungeon
Things are going to get quite a bit more challenging for mmorpg players in Dragon Nest. In the latest patch notes update for July, the developers spell out a number of changes coming to the game, such as balancing issues, but the most intriguing part is the new Desert Dragon Nest hardcore mode being introduced. This new hardcore mode is occurring in the Dragon Nest EU version of the game.In the new Desert Dragon Nest hardcore mode, playe...
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Jul 09 2014
Dragon Nest Brazil Football Festival
It's just not normal sports fans getting excited over the Word Cup taking place in Brazil, but mmo games are getting caught up in the frenzy as well. One of the games getting swept away by World Cup fever is Dragon Nest, which will mark the tournament with an event of their own that will run from June 13th through July 13th. The Dragon Nest Brazil Football Festival will allow Dragon Nest Europe players to take part in special activities to s...
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Jun 11 2014
dragon nest patch
The May update for Dragon Nest is now Live, and brings with it a bunch of new features; pushing the European mmo to new heights. Dragon Nest: Wrath of the Desert Dragon revolves mainly around the introduction of the all new, Desert Dragon Nest. The new, 5 to 8 player dragon nest can be cleared up to twice a week and features a unique new dragon that goes by the name of Jakard. Born a direct descendant of the ancient, Chaos Dragon, the desert dra...
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May 07 2014
dragon nest update
Normally when we see an mmo offering a level cap increase it's big news. Level caps let you reach that little higher, giving you more space to progress into and keep you going til the game's next big expansion or event. Even with some of the biggest mmorpg games, the level cap increase will typically be either a 5 or 10 level increase, and they're scarcely placed. Dragon Nest isn't doing things by halves, however. So, in the next Dragon Nest Eur...
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Dec 06 2013
dragon nest desert zones
Brave the punishing sands of the Desert Dragon Nest, newly unlocked for the free online rpg. Nexon launched its latest major content update for its Dragon Nest game over the weekend, opening up a line-up of desert-themed areas, including three new zones and seven gates. Get to venture into the Desert Ship, Dry Mirage Garden, Storm Lookout Tower, Desert Dragon Temple, Mushroom Stone Valley and many more new locales. Only heroes level 60 and abov...
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Oct 28 2013
dragon nest resurrection content spotlight
See what the newest Dragon Nest Resurrection update is bringing to the table in this summary trailer. The Resurrection content spotlight runs through all the new features and dungeons coming to the online rpg.First is the increased level cap to 60 that comes with 48 new skills -- including those for the latest added character Kali -- as well as special XP and farming gain boosts. From the video, we learn that players can collect four n...
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Jul 10 2013
dragon nest kali character
Dragon Nest’s newest character Kali doles out magic-melee combos meant to dazzle fans of and destroy foes in the free rpg. Kali – also known as the Second Prophet – joins Rose to become a dangerous duo of Chosen Ones, a seemingly illogical plot development that Dragon Nest developers explain off as a twist of destiny. Kali was trained as a shaman and, through a series of unfortunate events that include the massacre of her tribe, she now serves a...
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May 06 2013