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  • Dragon Nest: Sorceress

    Dragon Nest: Sorceress
    Sorceress just sounds better than sorcerer. So let's make a female character....
    Dragon Nest: Sorceress

    Dragon Nest: Quest

    Dragon Nest: Quest
    This is a hack and slash action RPG that sends your character on many quests. Here I am turning in a quest for my well-earned rewa...
    Dragon Nest: Quest

    Dragon Nest: Combo

    Dragon Nest: Combo
    Some attacks hit more than once and are called combos. I swing my staff to hit a group of these dog... things....
    Dragon Nest: Combo

    Dragon Nest: Boss

    Dragon Nest: Boss
    At the end of quest instances, you will usually find a boss to kill. They have more hit points and hit harder. This fella was not ...
    Dragon Nest: Boss

Dragon Nest - First Look

Dragon Nest - First Look

Dragon Nest is a fantasy themed free online RPG game hosted on the Nexon gaming portal. Dragon Nest includes an array of exciting features including an in-depth class system, a huge variety of towns and NPC characters, and hundreds of available quests and dungeons.

Dragon Nest offers players an extensive character creation system, allowing you to change and edit a large variety of options such as hair types and facial features. The large variety of options available allows for hundreds of variations of character. There are 4 main classes in Dragon Nest: Warrior, Archer, Cleric and Sorceress. Each class is unique in terms of skills and abilities, and each progresses as players earn experience points through completing quests and defeating monsters. Once you reach level 15 you can choose a class specialization, there are 2 possible specializations for each of the 4 classes, with each specialization offering players the opportunity to excel in certain areas of their class.

There's a huge variety of dungeons in Dragon Nest, all of which are easy to find as they're represented by a red portal between 2 large pillars. Each dungeon offers players a unique setting, providing different challenges and monsters inside each dungeon. Dragon Nest offers a unique difficulty setting system that hosts 5 different difficulty settings from Easy to Abyss. Each increase in difficulty offers players the possibility of better rewards, but also adds more challenges such as stronger monsters and more difficult boss fights. Players are also given a certain rank when they complete a dungeon, with each rank offering greater rewards, rewards are given on a random basis with players selecting from various chests after the boss fight.

Dragon Nest offers players hundreds of different quests to progress through the game, using a large variety of slaying quests and item collection quests, rewarding players with experience points, items and equipment. Each quest is also given a unique story to offer players a plethora of lore, background information and highly detailed NPC characters.

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Dragon Nest Set-Up and Class Selection Guide

2012-08-06 13:29:47 - By Michael Jamias

Dragon Nest is one of the most popular free online rpg games from Nexon because of its easy-on-the-eyes graphics, intuitively fun dungeon combat, heroic storylines and long replay value. If you want to jump into Dragon Nest, then this set-up guide will help you get to know the game a bit more, will assist you in installing the game and will give you advice on choosing your first Dragon Nest class.

Step 1: Is Dragon Nest for You?

Dragon Nest is a free-to-play fantasy MMO game with a lot of questing and hack-and-slash action. Character creation and customization is based on one’s chosen class, which has expanded to the current five options: Warrior, Archer, Cleric, Sorceress and Tinkerer. Reaching leveling 15 in one of these classes opens up a specialization path to two advanced classes. The Warrior, for example, splits off into the Swordsman or Mercenary tracks.

Players primarily spend their time in Dragon Quest completing quests and killing monsters in instanced dungeons to earn EXP and gear rewards. Your individual performance is graded in each dungeon run based on speed, style and difficulty. Speed refers to how fast you complete the dungeon while style is a mix of damage and efficient execution. The third factor, difficulty, factors in whether you set the dungeon difficulty to the easiest mode or the hardest.

If you like questing and fighting through dungeons in fast-paced action combat, and like to constantly challenge yourself with scaling difficulty modes, then Dragon Nest is for you.

Step 2: Check System Requirements

Cool, you’ve decided to play Dragon Nest. It's a great choice. But first, make sure that you can run the game without problems. Compared to other rpg games online, Dragon Nest has average system requirements – not too low and also not too high. A newly bought PC should be able to run Dragon Nest. If you want smoother play, though, consider upgrading to higher than 1GB of RAM. You should also probably install a better graphics card (Nexon endorses Nvidia 8000 series). You can also try to minimize display problems by updating to to the latest version of your graphics card driver, and by installing DirectX 9.0.

Step 3: Create a Nexon Account

Signing up for a Nexon account will let you log into and play Dragon Nest, as well as any other games by publisher Nexon. Start by clicking the upper right “Play Now” button above in MMO-Play's Dragon Nest game page. This will take you to the official homepage of the fantasy MMO.

Dragon Nest game page

Click the “Play” button below the News header section, and this will launch a prompt asking you to create a free Nexon Account.

Dragon Nest Nexon Account

Fill in your email address then hit the “Create Your Account” button. This will send a verification message to your email.

Dragon Nest Guide Account verification

Press the “Click to Verify” button, and finish your registration by providing a password and your date of birth.

Dragon Nest Download

Step 4: Download the Client

Downloading the game is fairly straightforward either through direct download or through torrent seed download.  Either method will get the job done, so it’s up you which download method you find more comfortable to use.

Step 5: Run the Client and Patch the Game

Once the client has been fully downloaded, double-click the file (it's the one with an .exe file extension name) and it will begin patching Dragon Nest. The patch should take more or less half an hour, depending on your download speed.

Step 6: Choose a Class

There are five playable classes in Dragon Nest, all of which are available when you try to create a character. Read on below to get a gist of how each class performs in combat, and what specialization classes are available to them after hitting level 15.

Warrior – Choose this class if you want to smash, slice and execute ultimate combos. Warriors strike fast and hard against their enemies, dealing major damage before a foe can even start to retaliate. Warriors are also known for their flashy speed. They can dash in, unleash a combo, and dash out to evade counterattacks. Warriors also wield greatswords, axes and hammers, which should be a plus for players obsessed with gigantic weapons. At level 15, Warriors can specialize as either a mass-killing Swordsman or a gruff tank Mercenary.

Archer – Choose this class if you want to shoot down foes while moving quickly around a battlefield. Archers are arguably the most mobile class in Dragon Nest – even more so than Warriors – with uncanny speed that makes them hard to pin down. Archers are so quick for a reason: They do not have a lot of defense, so they must evade attacks to survive. Archers wield shortbows, longbows and crossbows. At level 15, Archers can specialize as either a long-distance Sharpshooter or a hybrid shoot-then-grapple Acrobat.

Cleric – Choose this class if you want to save allies through heals and outlasting most other classes because of your indomitability. Fortified with strong defenses and an array of buff spells, Clerics are a tougher variant than the usual healer class. Clerics are also valued in groups because of their skill in keeping the party standing even under the heaviest onslaughts. Clerics wield maces, flails and wands. At level 15, Clerics can specialize as either an armored tank Paladin or a focus support Priest.

Sorceress – Choose this class if you want to punish foes with magic. Freeze, fry, poison and deal constant hurt to your chosen targets using a wide array of spells. Sorceresses specialize in crippling status effects and mid-range hex attacks, allowing them to make quick work of even a tough group of mobs. Sorceresses wield only a staff, but have more secondary weapon options, including a grimoire, orb or a puppet. At level 15, Sorceresses can specialize as either a mass executioner Elementalist or a battlefield controller Mystic.

Tinkerer – As the newest class to be added to Dragon Nest, Tinkerers use science and gadgets to do almost any task imaginable. Choose this class if you want to do switch between a variety of roles – as a damage dealer by carrying powerful cannons, as a healer by concocting tonics, and as a support protector by becoming an armored robo-butler. (How cool is that!) Tinkerers can adapt to almost any situation, making it a more complicated – but ultimately more reward – class to play. Tinkerers wield a cannon and a bubble blaster as weapons. At level 15, Tinkerers can specialize as either an offensive frontline Engineer or a defensive support Alchemist.

Step 7: Start Your Adventure!

Having chosen a class and named your character, you can click “Start” and begin your Dragon Nest adventure. If this is your first time playing a free online rpg, then pay close attention to the tutorials on how to go about the world. There will be plenty of helpful hints to guide you along. If you're particularly stumped, the Dragon Nest community – whether in chat or forums – should take care of you. Veterans though should feel right at home in Dragon Nest with its familiar WASD movement and mouse-led camera controls.

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