Dragon Knights Debuts Warrior Class in Spotlight Video

By Michael Jamias
dragon knights warrior class video

Dragon Knights continues with the previews of its playable classes, with a new spotlight video for the tenacious sword-and-board class, the Warrior.

“Wielding a stalwart sword and sturdy shield, the Warrior is hardier than most—but the class is much more than just a tank,” said Dragon Knights developer Aeria Games in a release. “Warriors are significantly resilient, but they also have strong damage potential and some unique utility, such as the ability to purge negative status effects from allies.”

Aeria Games released the video to fellow rpg games fansite MMORPG.com, which we’ve reposted below for your viewing pleasure.

Running at one-and-a-half minutes, the preview shows us the fast-swinging offense of the Warrior, as well as his buffs and finishing moves. While the Warrior seems to be a straightforward assault class, Aeria Games assured that it will not be confined to the rigid roles of tank-healer-DPS like what is done in most MMO titles. Instead, the developer has broadened the skills of each class and made them capable of filling multiple roles when needed.

The Warrior class video is so far the second to be released for the upcoming free online rpg, following the initial preview on the Sorceress class. Spotlight videos for the two remaining classes – the Shadowmage and the Paladin – should be released in the coming weeks. Dragon Knights is still in closed beta.


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