Dragon Knights Previews the Sorceress Class, Content Modes

By Michael Jamias
dragon knights sorceress class

The information moat surrounding Dragon Knights, is fast being lifted giving us new details about its spellcasting Sorceress class, and its PvE and PvP content modes.

The new spotlight video shown below takes us through the scintillating arcane prowess of the Sorceress, whose mastery of elements and nether summons makes them look like a viable soloing class.

The Sorceress is the first of four classes previewed for this latest free online rpg from Aeria Games, and can only be chosen by rolling an Elf race character. The rest of the classes – the Warrior, Shadowmage and Paladin – are scheduled to be featured on their own spotlight videos in future posts.

The prolific online rpg games maker also revealed that Dragon Knights will use quests as the primary mode for PvE progress, and host guild-centric castle conflicts for PvP.

“Players who enjoy PvE will find engaging quests to immerse themselves in the game’s deep lore,” said Aeria Games in a release. “PvP lovers will get their fill of titanic guild clashes in the dynamic Castle Siege mode, providing the victors valuable benefits such as the ability to levy lucrative vendor taxes on their vanquished foes.”

The developer also confirmed that there will be a Transformation system that lets players take on the form and use the abilities of various in-game monsters.

Dragon Knights is currently in closed beta.


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