Dragon Knights Previews the Paladin Class in Spotlight Vid

By Michael Jamias
dragon knights paladin class video

Watch the stalwart paladin in action, sword-slashes his way through foes in a new Dragon Knights spotlight video.

“The video highlights the hero brandishing a massive two-handed sword, but that isn’t the only way Paladins can fight. Echoing the flexibility of the game's previously showcased other melee class, the Warrior, Paladins can wield the traditional sword and shield to take on a more defensive role when the situation calls for it,” said Aeria Games, who is developing and publishing the free online rpg.

In Dragon Knights, only the Human and Lycan races can become a Paladin, a class known for his tremendous Vit and Str statistics. Although due to his heavy armor, the Paladin has one of the lowest starting Dex among the four playable classes in the online rpg, and also has a middling Int stat.

“While the video showcases the Paladin’s smooth moves in battle, it’s not all guts and glory. On the lighter side are some of the class emotes, as well as a shot of the Paladin’s most powerful and flashy attack being unleashed on a relatively harmless woodland animal for a one-hit KO. Such wanton destruction isn’t generally in keeping with a Paladin’s holy ideals, but it’s a humorous counterpoint to the seriousness of battling an evil dragon’s minions in Dragon Knights Online,” adds Aeria Games.

This Paladin spotlight video is the third to be unveiled for Dragon Knights, following the sneak peeks for the Warrior and Sorceress classes. The final preview for the fourth and final class, Shadowmage, should be out in few weeks time, based on how fast the MMORPG has rolled out the previous three.


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