Aeria Games bares DK Online's PvE highlights

By Rachel Rosen
aeria games bares dk online s pve highlights

Gamers eagerly awaiting the release of Dragon Knights have another reason to anticipate this medieval-themed mmorpg with the unveiling of diverse PvE (Player vs. Environment) experience in the world of Litos.

Dragon Knights players are in for a visual treat of unique architecture and structures, from the magnificent floating towers of the capital city of Ledise to Arabian-inspired palm trees and sandy surroundings that make up the desert city of Emtlant.

Within those cities, players will be hard at work crafting and upgrading the gear necessary for their adventures. The crafting system in DK Online is integral to PvE success. Much of the best armor and weapons will only be obtained by players’ own crafting skills, creating a robust economy as players trade materials and the highly sought-after gear that they produce. Desirable gear may then in turn be greatly customized with hundreds of unique runes that augment equipment.

Of course, powerful gear would be meaningless without plenty of wicked monsters on which to use it. DK Online’s wide variety of monster species, each accented by highly detailed models and animations, will have players consistently eager to see what’s around the next corner. From slobbering, sharp-toothed living mushrooms to imposing Spectral Knights to fearsome bosses like the Succubus Queen Inaferus, every environment is home to interesting and creative monster designs.

Like all Aeria Games titles, DK will be a free online rpg. Players can sign up for closed beta now at


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