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dragon knights sorceress class
The information moat surrounding Dragon Knights, is fast being lifted giving us new details about its spellcasting Sorceress class, and its PvE and PvP content modes. The new spotlight video shown below takes us through the scintillating arcane prowess of the Sorceress, whose mastery of elements and nether summons makes them look like a viable soloing class.The Sorceress is the first of four classes previewed for this latest free online rpg ...
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Aug 02 2012
dragon knights warrior class video
Dragon Knights continues with the previews of its playable classes, with a new spotlight video for the tenacious sword-and-board class, the Warrior. “Wielding a stalwart sword and sturdy shield, the Warrior is hardier than most—but the class is much more than just a tank,” said Dragon Knights developer Aeria Games in a release. “Warriors are significantly resilient, but they also have strong damage potential and some unique utility, such as the ...
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Aug 17 2012
dragon knights paladin class video
Watch the stalwart paladin in action, sword-slashes his way through foes in a new Dragon Knights spotlight video. ...
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Aug 31 2012
aeria games bares dk online s pve highlights
Gamers eagerly awaiting the release of Dragon Knights have another reason to anticipate this medieval-themed mmorpg with the unveiling of diverse PvE (Player vs. Environment) experience in the world of Litos. Dragon Knights players are in for a visual treat of unique architecture and structures, from the magnificent floating towers of the capital city of Ledise to Arabian-inspired palm trees and sandy surroundings that make up the desert ci...
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Sep 27 2012