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  • DK Online: Races

    DK Online: Races
    Players are allowed to choose from four races: Human, Elf, Felynx and Lycan ...
    DK Online: Races

    DK Online: Classes

    DK Online: Classes
    Each race has two classes that players can choose. The classes vary depending on the race. ...
    DK Online: Classes

    DK Online: Skill tree

    DK Online: Skill tree
    DK Online has two different skill trees for each class -- one offensive and the other defensive. ...
    DK Online: Skill tree

    DK Online: Combat

    DK Online: Combat
    The combat in DK online is familiar and intuitive. MMO veterans and new players alike should have an easy time adjusting. ...
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Dragon Knights Gameplay

Dragon Knights Gameplay

Dragon Knights, aka DK Online, is another free-to-play fantasy MMORPG from Aeria Games, this time set in a feuding fantasy world brought together against an evil dragon. Fast action combat, big swords, shapeshifting antics and a whole lot of dragon-slaying pretty much sum up the DK Online experience. Players take on the role of dragon knights spanning across four races – Humans, Elves, the cat-like Felnyx and the bestial Lycans. The races band together at times to face fire-breathing threats, but to call them united or chummy would be a mistake. Players can go on quests and earn valuable reputation for subduing dragons and other dangerous threats, or they can suit up for PvP which comes primarily in the form of castle sieges where guilds vie for control over various regions. Guilds can form alliances to storm or defend the limited number of castles, which make for a constantly contentious PvP scene.

Dragon Knights employs a similar art style to the other fantasy RPG Games previously made by Aeria Games, with the colorful environments, highly detailed enemies, and a level- and gear-based character advancement system. This free online rpg can be a bit more mature though with its revealing outfits as well as the blood spatter effects when hitting enemies with skill combos.

Dragon Knights can have their pick of four classes. There’s the close combat Warrior, the Sorceress fueled by dragon magic, the Shadowmage who doles out buffs and debuffs, and the enduring Paladin – all of which pretty much fight according to their archetype. Each class specializes Each of the classes can learn up to a dozen or more skills as they gain levels. Most skills are active skills that deal damage to enemies on trigger. A few passive skills are also picked up to boost important stats essential to the success of each class, such as Precision Training skill which increases Warrior attack accuracy and the Last Stand skill which ups a Paladin’s defense when he or she is near death.

One of the more unique systems in DK Online is the shapeshifting system. Players will be able to transform into different monsters, which possess unique abilities. Adding new monsters you’re your shapeshifting registry requires you to earn Monster Cards, which can be earned or found in-game, and can be bought as well via the cash store. Shapeshifting adds a layer of player tactics since you can shore up your class weaknesses with a well-picked shapeshifting form.

By Michael Jamias


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