The Skeleton King has abandoned DotA 2

By Tam Mageean
dota 2 skeleton

Many gamers woke up to day to a nasty shock in DotA 2. Imagine; it's a cold Wednesday morning, you wake up, excited to continue your RPG adventures on your favorite MOBA.It's update day! You boot up your PC, which coughs dust and winter snow out of its grill and you watch the loader bar saunter across the screen. What could the new update entail? It's nearly Christmas after all. Surely, the nice folk at Valve will have left a surprise? The update is locked and loaded, you're through the menu screens, through the lobbies; it's time to play some serious, upgraded DotA 2.

However, something isn't right with the world, and it's not until your cursor rolls towards your trusty Skeleton King, that you realize what is awry.

The DotA 2 Frostivus update has removed the Skeleton King entirely from the popular MMO, but it has left a couple of clues as to what has happened and why.

'By decree of the only King that matters...Frostivus is cancelled,' was the only answer, welcoming players to the Frostivus teaser site, hinting that the Wraith King may infact be his replacement.

The Skeleton King has always been a fan favorite, considered an easy to use non-technical champion, and a great character for entry-level players to learn the ropes on due to his scarce, but simple palette.

It's becoming clear that Frostivus is becoming a shenanigan-riddled tradition for Valve, and despite all of the grumbles from players online, the event is clearly preparing for something big and will surely appease the now-Kingless warriors of DotA 2. Let's hope something happens soon though, or a mass exodus to League of Legends may be invoked!


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