Dota 2 is out of beta

By Jeffrey Davis
dota 2 out of beta

It's official, folks: Dota 2 is officially out of beta. The three-million strong per month, 300,000-player concurrence averaging online RPG from Valve has been in Google-style perpetual testing, running for two years in its past phase yet still becoming the largest game on Steam. Yet now, that long test run is finally over as Valve has announced this past Wednesday.

This doesn't mean that you'll have the easy way in, of course. In preparation for the projected wave of current and future players, Dota 2 will be on time delay until further notice - allowing only a subset of potential players to log in for each round on the basis of a first to come in, first to be served approach. The rationale behind the time delay is explained as follows:

"Our thinking is that we want the existing audience to have uninterrupted access during the launch, in addition to bringing new players into Dota 2 in a way that isn't frustrating. Simply put, we want to smooth out the traditional launch spike, but at the same time allow anyone to come in and try out Dota 2."

If you're willing to wait for your turn to check out Dota 2, simply hit up the official site and press the big button and sign yourself up to get the game whenever your turn comes. (Don't worry if you forget, though: you'll get an email reminder once you're in.) In the meantime, be sure to check MMO Play for the latest on Dota 2 and other things MMO.


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