Team Dignitas storm DotA 2 MLG Fall Invitational

By Tam Mageean
dota 2 fall invitational

A great night for fans of Professional MOBA RPG gaming. Pro-gaming stream hosts, Major League Gaming opened the door, for the first time, to DotA 2 at the MLG DotA 2 Fall Invitational; a heated tournament which acted as a testing ground for a lot of teams, making their last tweaks before the Fall Championships in Columbus next month.

Full Sail University, Florida welcomed the likes of Team Dignitas, Joikernaught, noM and Typical Mistakes, all clamoring for the top prize; a seat at the Columbus Fall Championships, with a $10,000 kicker.

Team Dignitas have been going through some changes; with their NA team now reading: inphinity_, 1437, Korok, Peterpandam and bdiz. Many Dignitas fans are happy to see that the aggressive Korok and bdiz are teaming up, but the team as a whole gelled really well, everyone playing their roles and continually conferring, before, during and after each round. Their general play seemed to be aggressive snipes from Korok and bdiz followed by some back-line support, in a "rush and hold" approach. Once they'd generated an early lead, the team fell into the middle ground, focusing heavily on their support roles; controlling the map and reaping in the kills in tidy clusters of 2 and 3 at a time.

The Final started off a little sketchy, with Dignitas losing round 1 after overstretching somewhat, but after a few adjustments, they calmly picked apart Typical Mistakes in the second round.

DotA 2 Dignitas Typical Mistakes

The final round saw a different approach, with Team Dignitas fancying their chances at some top lane pressure, which Typical Mistakes seemed much more prepared for, leading to a pretty even opening game. Although Typical Mistakes were making Dignitas work for the final round, they were still on the back foot, and in their base for most of the game; leaving Dignitas to farm away and roll in the buy-backs, waiting calmly on Roshan to spawn. GG was called shortly after a couple of last-ditch efforts from Typical Mistakes, who bagged a couple of quick pressure plays before accepting their $5000 runners-up prize.

Dignitas seemed unshaken by the tournament, but knew they had work to do before MLG Columbus.

"Going in I thought it would be easier" admitted Sivatheeban "1437" Sivanathapillai, following their victory. "...going into Columbus we'll be going up against the best, and that's exactly where we want to be...but we need to prepare 10 times more than we did (for Florida)"

The guys have 4 weeks to prepare for the MLG Fall Championships, and they seem engaged and confident that they know where they need to improve. They hope to hit Columbus with full force, where theyre expected to play against some of DotA 2's big heavy-hitters, including Na'Vi and Alliance.

MLG put on a great show; one of the best MMORPG streams out there, with stellar commentary, team-play audio taps and smooth transitions between match-ups; hopefully this move to DotA 2 could open the door to more MLG MOBA in the future.

In other news; Team Dignitas have also made some changes in their UK League of Legends team, including the signing of DxAlchemist in the run up to LCS Europe qualification, and if their DotA reshuffle is anything to go by, things are looking good for Dignitas across the MOBA spectrum.


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