Billionaire buys his son a pro DotA 2 team

By Tam Mageean
dota 2 billionaire

So what kind of things would you ask your parents for? A next-gen console? A subscription to your favorite mmo? Some driving lessons maybe?

Well, how about a fully-fledged, custom built, professional, Chinese DotA 2 team?

It's a pretty grand gesture, but one billionaire's son in Guangzhou, China has just found out that it's exactly what he's getting. Xu Jia Yin, owner of the lucrative Chinese realtor, HengDa has given his son a choice of the world's finest, and asked him to place his top 5 in a fantasy team, who have now became a reality, and are expected to compete in this year's events.

The pro DotA 2 team are expected to take on the same HengDa moniker, possibly taking on an English translation of the name, and going by "EverGrande".

After some deliberation, the DotA 2 dream team that Xu Xi Hao has put together consists of:

Zhi Hao "Hao" Chen

Da "Faith" Zeng

Pan "Mu" Zhang

Hock Chuan "Chuan" Wong and

Ning "Xiao8" Zhang

This isn't the first sporting endeavor that the billionaire family has taken on board; as father, Xu Jia Yin is currently a primary investor in a Chinese soccer team, also fittingly named HengDa FC, who won the Asian Champions League last year, after he injected 2 billion Yuan into the squad.

Remember parents; a DotA team is for life, not just for Christmas! Let's hope Xu Xi Hao doesn't get bored and take up competitive mmofps gaming instead.


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