DotA 2 launches Three Spirits update

By Tam Mageean
dota 2 3 spirits

"Spirits formed in the wailing mountains rarely venture forth. Storm Spirit was the first one bold enough to travel beyond the peaks. But as word of his exploits echoed home, two spirit-kin grew curious and dared to join their cousin."

This ominous story was left on the official DotA 2 website, as the premise to their "Three Spirits" update, which will bring events, heroes and a brand new gaming feature. The new DotA 2: Three Spirits update revolves around the story of the Storm Spirit, and his newly introduced cousins; Earth Spirit and Ember Spirit, who will accompany him as new, playable heroes, complete with their own unique and contrasting abilities, and unlockable curiosity boxes.

DotA 2 Earth Spirit

To make the update extra sweet, the Diretide event has finally been added in light of the unfortunate debacle over Halloween, when Diretide failed to make an appearance. The Diretide event will run from today, the 14th, until November 28th, and will feature the coveted Ghastly Treasure of Diretide as a reward.

MMO fans wishing to spread their MOBA wings can now find their Mr Miyagi, with DotA 2's in-game coaching scheme. Players can teach, or choose to be taught, their way through the battle RPG, with one-to-one training sessions and rankless, training team-ups against bot forces, to try out newly acquired skills. Coaches get an annotatable mini-map and the ability to "Ping" their students HUD elements to draw attention to the critical info on screen mid-game. Coaches can train up to 3 students at a time, which will surely lead to all-star master-and-student battles in the near future.

For a full set of patch notes, be sure to check out the DotA 2 website.


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