Dogs of War Online stress test this weekend

By Michael Jamias
dogs of war online stress test october

Dogs of War Online temporarily opens up for the public stress test this weekend from October 18-21.

Currently in closed beta, Cyanide's turn-based strategy MMORPG is shedding its exclusivity for three days only. Players can begin jumping into the servers via the Steam platform.

Since this is a Dogs of War Online stress test, you should expect the game to be a bit rough around the edges. Too often, mmorpg games fans get disappointed after jumping a stress test and finding themselves having to bear through repeated server resets, lags, and client crashes.

The implied trade-off here for fans willing through the hassle of a stress test is an early sneak peek at how Dogs of War Online actually plays.

Based on screens alone, Dogs of War Online promises rabid tactical battles between three factions across gorgeously detailed battlefields and compelling game modes.

But what isn't really translated across this screens is how deep you can customize your company, and how unit progression actually works. Will you have the capacity to build totally unique squads? Is progression slow as a turtle, or is does it breeze by quickly?

You can jump into the stress test to start figuring out the answers to these questions, and see whether the upcoming tactics-based free online rpg is worthy to become your next hour-dumping obsession.


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