Dofus and WAKFU Host Crossover Battles in Krosmaster Arena

By Michael Jamias
dofus wakfu krosmaster arena

Dofus and WAKFU, the sibling online rpg titles from Ankama Games, will share their first crossover content called the Krosmaster Arena add-on, which lets players from both games to fight against each other.

“This exclusive expansion scheduled for the end of the year will allow for exciting PvP fights directly from the Dofus and WAKFU mmo games (without having to close the game client),” said Ankama in a release.

“After building up a team of fighters from the Krosmoz collection, players can experience tactical gameplay through quick playing sessions,” the developer added. Online tournaments are also planned, with prizes redeemable in either online rpg.

Following the diverse class builds in both games, which boast dozens of classes, each figurine in the Krosmaster Arena feature will use unique characteristics and spells. Players will be given the basic figurine set for free, and those who want to pursue the rarer sets can do so by fighting monsters within Dofus and WAKFU. Players can even trade their sets to complete their collections faster.

More details on the Krosmaster Arena add-on will be revealed via its dedicated mini-site where some initial screenshots have already been revealed, showing a grid-based combat similar to those found in both MMORPGs. Go check it out.


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