Dofus Update 2.9 dumps spankin’ new system upgrades

By Michael Jamias
dofus update 2 9 systems

The new Dofus Update 2.9 is all about making players feel empowered and at ease.

First on the list is the Achievement system, which will let fans commemorate their Dofus milestones while adventuring in the World of Twelve. “This system allows players to track their progress through the game and helps to introduce players to new challenges. It also allows players to display their knowledge and experience by showing their Achievement score,” said developer Ankama in a release.

Achievement categories range from exploration, professions, quests and dungeons – each a major activity in the fantasy mmorpg. Titles and Ornaments also receive a new user interface, which will make them easier to manage. Meanwhile, the newly installed maturing resources system should make harvestable resources should remove some headache from exploration.

Existing equipment and character personalization systems also get option boosts. New level 190 items will make their way to the game, while characters get to choose from more face options “for more personal expression and more originality,” said Ankama.

One of the most popular rpg games online in Europe, Dofus also isn’t forgetting the holidays with the opening of the Kwismas Island and all its merry mayhem content, including dungeons, a pet mount, and special quests.


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