Dofus previews four major updates for 2013

By Michael Jamias
dofus previews 2013 updates

Mark those calendars: The months of April, June, August and December will usher in noteworthy content for Dofus and WAKFU.

In April, developer Ankama will focus on the Frigost theme, delivering new ice-themed dungeons in both online Dofus mmorpg games.

June will be spent focusing on Guild system improvements. “Dofus existing alignment system will slowly be replaced by a brand new one offering guilds the ability to create alliances with others and conquer villages, or declare war on each other. In the meantime, the great and long awaited Haven World system will come to life in Wakfu, giving guilds the possibility to gather resources and build their own piece of world,” said the Ankama release.

August is all about the Wabbit island. The Dofus version of the Wabbit island will be revamped with a new boos and quests while the island will be integrated in WAKFU. Lastly, December focuses on the Krosmoz Vigilantes and the progression of their plotline.

If April seems a long time to wait for the major update, fans can stave off their content hunger with the new trophies and classes coming as early as February. “2013 will be the richest year in online games content releases Ankama has offered to its communities,” said the mmorpg developer.


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