Dofus rips open Enurado divine dimension

By Michael Jamias
dofus enurado divine dimension

As if the World of Twelve wasn't dangerous enough, Dofus developers have pried open the way to Enurado, the first of many Divine Dimensions that promise to rip apart adventurers that dare enter them.

Each Dofus Divine Dimension will serve some of the most difficult challenges in the turn-based battle rpg by pitting players against waves of monsters that become increasingly overwhelming. That's because unlike the traditional dungeon system where teams get a break in between fights to heal up, the monster wave system immediately sends out new sets of foes during the same battle. Those who plan to reach the end will likely need to bring a healer along for better sustain during combat, and practice tactics that maximize damage dealt while limiting damage received.

The Dofus Enurado Divine Dimension, in particular, will contain a trio of dungeons and quests designed for levels 100, 150 and 200.

Dungeons end with a boss fight and a chance to take on the Enutrof god who has taken the shape of gigantic chest-dragon. Needless to say, this is one treasure piƱata you'd want to smash with full force to collect rare mmo rewards.

Speaking of treasure, players who travel to Divine Dimensions should also keep their eyes peeled for randomly strewn items. Treasure spots can be identified with the use of special magic maps and clues, and once found, players must brace for a tough fight before they can claim their discovered loot.


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