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dofus tablet release date
Get ready for a dose of Dofus on your tablet devices before the year ends. The enduringly popular mmo game is about to expand to the tablet platform through a newly confirmed spin-off title coming in the fourth quarter of 2015. While not confirming the exact title of the Dofus tablet spin-off, Ankama has revealed that it will be regularly updated and available on dedicated servers but will not be synchronized with the desktop and streaming versi...
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Apr 23 2015
dofus 10th anniversary infographic
Ankama has published a massive Dofus 10th anniversary infographic that tells us the mmo's milestones for the past decade. It's so massive that we could not paste the entire infographic in this blog post but we're more than happy to talk you through some of the highlights. In the snippet below, we learn that the popular turn-based online rpg has recruited more than 60 million adventurers which when put together is a community that exceeds the com...
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Nov 21 2014
dofus kickroach lair
There's a new dungeon in Dofus and you'll be literally itching to enter it! The newly hatched Kickroach's Lair dungeon starts off with a reversal of roles as your MMORPG characters shrink to a size smaller than insects. With the creepy-crawlies known as Vilinsekts now towering over you, the dungeon quickly becomes a slay-or-be-slayed ordeal. You can catch a glimpse of the new dungeon and your upcoming insect battles in this trailer:The Dofu...
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Oct 14 2014
dofus 10th anniversary celebrations
Ankama is celebrating a decade since Dofus launched and offered turn-based strategy rpg fans their favorite genre in a massively multiplayer scale. As a thank you to the loyal fans from past to present, the Dofus 10th anniversary celebrations is packed with freebies and content.Dofus veteran rewards will be rolling out at the end of September, awarding players five gifts for every year of subscription. That means a maximum of 50 gifts fo...
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Sep 05 2014
dofus belly whale dungeon
The next great high-level adventure has arrived in Dofus -- and it will take you inside a whale with an unbelievably cavernous stomach where you will complete quests and beat monsters. Say hello to the Dofus Belly of the Whale update aka the Dofus 2.22 update!Level 200 adventurers in the turn-based strategy mmo can now explore westward from the Frigost coasts to the new Albatrocious Rock island area. But be prepared to spar with the host...
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Aug 12 2014
dofus enurado divine dimension
As if the World of Twelve wasn't dangerous enough, Dofus developers have pried open the way to Enurado, the first of many Divine Dimensions that promise to rip apart adventurers that dare enter them. Each Dofus Divine Dimension will serve some of the most difficult challenges in the turn-based battle rpg by pitting players against waves of monsters that become increasingly overwhelming. That's because unlike the traditional dungeon system where ...
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Apr 16 2014
dofus movie 2015
The Dofus movie everyone's been waiting for is coming out next year. Ankama -- the maker of Dofus and WAKFU mmo games -- has signed a partnership with Gebeke Films to distribute the first Dofus animated feature "Dofus - Book 1: Julith".That's the good news. The bad news is the Dofus movie release has only been confirmed for distribution in France. No word yet on whether a US version will be released, which is giving fans of Dofus and its sist...
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Mar 08 2014
dofus previews 2013 updates
Mark those calendars: The months of April, June, August and December will usher in noteworthy content for Dofus and WAKFU. In April, developer Ankama will focus on the Frigost theme, delivering new ice-themed dungeons in both online Dofus mmorpg games. June will be spent focusing on Guild system improvements. “Dofus existing alignment system will slowly be replaced by a brand new one offering guilds the ability to create alliances with oth...
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Feb 08 2013
dofus update 2 9 systems
The new Dofus Update 2.9 is all about making players feel empowered and at ease. First on the list is the Achievement system, which will let fans commemorate their Dofus milestones while adventuring in the World of Twelve. “This system allows players to track their progress through the game and helps to introduce players to new challenges. It also allows players to display their knowledge and experience by showing their Achievement score,” ...
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Dec 13 2012
dofus wakfu krosmaster arena
Dofus and WAKFU, the sibling online rpg titles from Ankama Games, will share their first crossover content called the Krosmaster Arena add-on, which lets players from both games to fight against each other. “This exclusive expansion scheduled for the end of the year will allow for exciting PvP fights directly from the Dofus and WAKFU mmo games (without having to close the game client),” said Ankama in a release. “After building up a team of fig...
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Aug 29 2012