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  • Dofus: character

    Dofus: character
    Read the descriptions of all of the classes. Dofus uses more than just your traditional 'warrior, mage, priest, etc'....
    Dofus: character

    Dofus: quest

    Dofus: quest
    We get the traditional ! and ? as quest indicators....
    Dofus: quest

    Dofus: turn

    Dofus: turn
    Dofus uses turn based, tactical combat. Start by positioning yourself on the battle field....
    Dofus: turn

    Dofus: xp

    Dofus: xp
    Winning fights is one way to earn rewards like experience, currency, and items....
    Dofus: xp

Dofus Gameplay

Dofus Gameplay

Dofus is a very popular free online rpg, developed and published by Ankama Games. The action takes place in the World of Twelve. Heroes of all sorts are on a quest to find the magical Dofus. Dofus are dragon eggs. Graphic wise, the developers opted for a 2D setting. Everything is very colored and bright and puts the player in a good mood. Dofus is a very stress free game. The world of Dofus is giant. There are 2 immense continents, 7 islands and 15 cities. Dofus is known for its regular patches and new content added.

Characters in Dofus have a unique aspect and name. There are 15 playable characters: Foggernaut, Feca, Osamondas, Enutrof, Sram, Xelor, Ecaflip, Eniripsa, Iop, Cra, Sadida, Sacrier, Pandawa, Rogues and Masqueraiders. Some classes require payment. Each class has a favorite weapon and spells. They can meet the classical rpg roles of tanks, healers or damage dealers. The combat in Dofus is somehow turn based and instanced. When a character casts a spell or uses an ability it will consume Action Points. Movement Points are consumed if the player changes its location. When combat starts, the combat area is locked and instanced for that particular character and mob. Unless the player is in a team, no other players can join the fight. Dungeons are places where groups of characters fight mobs and bosses. Questing and killing mobs are the primary ways of getting XP points. Each class can learn 22 spells. After level 100, two class specific spells can be unlocked. The maximum level cap is 200. Each level awards the player with 5 class points, 5 HP points and a spell point. Points are used to upgrade class characteristics and abilities. There are 3 types of professions a Dofus character can learn: gathering, crafting and specialization. Players gather mats, craft items and then specialize in certain types of items.

Dofus free mmo has an economy system. Players can earn Kama (in game currency) by selling unwanted items to vendors. They can use the marketplace to trade items between themselves. Non paying members don’t have access to main marketplaces. New players start on an island where they can learn the basics of Dofus before stepping in the real game world. Dofus is completely free to play but there are certain advantages for paying members. One of the best reasons to subscribe to Dofus mmo is PvP. Although Dofus started in France, once it started to gain popularity, it has been translated into more languages.

By Rachel Rosen


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