Divinity Original Sin now on Steam Early Access

By Michael Jamias
divinity original sin steam early access

If you're eager to get your hands on Divinity Original Sin or want to make it into a better co-op RPG, then go and support its Steam Early Access debut.

You can now purchase the Divinity Original Sin Early Access version, which unlocks access to the alpha and 15 hours of content. The alpha still lacks a few core features, which will be plugged in through future updates.

Watch this Steam Early Access trailer to see whether this turn-based RPG is right up your gaming alley.

“Early Access gives you the chance to support the development of Divinity Original Sin. If you want a polished experience, we advise you not to play the Early Access version. It only makes sense to play an Early Access game if, for instance, you want to support the development of the game, you want to influence development with your feedback or if you want to get a taste of things to come," said Larian Studios.

The developer said the money raised from the Early Access version will be poured back into completing and polishing the game.

The Early Access game is available at two pricing tiers.

There's the $39.99 Standard Edition that unlocks the Early Access game as well as the final game. The price is the same as the final version.

MMORPG buddies can also snap up the $59.99 Co-Op Deluxe Pack. It offers better value for money by unlocking two copies of Divinity: Original Sin for cooperative play, and a double pack of Divine Divinity + Beyond Divinity.


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