Divinity Original Sin to release on June 20

By Michael Jamias
divinity original sin release june 20

The Divinity Original Sin launch date has stepped out of the shadows and revealed itself to be on June 20.

Larian Studios confirmed the launch date for the fantasy rpg coinciding its Kickstarter crowdfunding anniversary. Exactly a year ago, the indie studio was able to rack up a million dollars in pledges through the popular rewards-based crowdfunding platform, so they found it fitting to confirm the release date today.

Along with the MMORPG release date, Larian Studios also threw in a new Divinity Original Sin gameplay trailer which shows just how far the old-school-inspired game has come. Most notable are the addition of new features, and the level of visual polish.

Divinity Original Sin is currently in beta, which began earlier this month, and is continually loading up on more content.

This week, Steam Early Access participants will be able to play through the game with beautiful music in the background through 135 new music tracks, some of which were reprised from previous Divinity games.

The loot generation matrix has also been improved to give "cooler" treasure. For those who find the game too easy (or too hard), the introduction of difficulty settings should be able to help you find the right pace to suit your expertise level.


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