Divinity Original Sin launch delayed to February 2014

By Michael Jamias
divinity original sin launch february 2014

Larian Studios decided to push back the game's launch rather than go live with an incomplete version.

Divinity Original Sin's new official release date has been set on February 28, 2014, which is admittedly quite the delay from the original Fall 2013 launch schedule. But developers said the extra wait should be worth it so that the Kickstarter-funded fantasy rpg emerges in its complete version.

Divinity Original Sin raised close to a million dollars back in April during its super successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign -- or more than double its original goal of $400,000.

With so much more cash to spend, it just wasn't feasible for the overwhelmed developers to make the release schedule and still deliver all the stretch goal content it promised. So it decided to push back the launch to include everything fans want by the time the game goes live.

Given this new release timeframe, backers who were promised Alpha access can hopefully get into a "rough and rugged version" of the game by November. Then a more public beta should roll in by January, if the developers stick to their schedule.

Divinity Original Sin is based on Larian's RPG series of the same name. It's not an mmorpg, but will support co-op modes and carry over many of the elements from its cult hit predecessors.

But fans can expect new stories and new gameplay styles in Divinity Original Sin, making it a must-play for series veterans as well as fresh converts who are just discovering the game's quirky appeal.


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