Divinity Original Sin enters beta with major content update

By Michael Jamias
divinity original sin beta launch

Larian Studios heaped a total of 400 improvements in its major content update coinciding Divinity Original Sin's beta launch.

This new video which marks the start of the beta showcases Divinity Original Sin’s highly varied combat, as players combine spells and use the environment to overcome their opponents.

The update, released on Steam Early Access, adds dozens of new talents and skills, the witchcraft skill tree, and a hearty serving of fresh explorable content.

Beta testers who have been part of the earlier tests will appreciate the expanded character creation options, as well as the added presets such as the Shadowblade or the Wayfarer.

The fantasy online rpg should also play more smoothly than in previous tests given the performance and stability upgrades rolled out in time for the Divinity Original Sin beta.

Audiophiles get a bonus treat -- "truckload" of new sound effects and music tracks have been added to the game. Environmental interactions have also been expanded, giving MMO players the pleasure to destroy doors and dip a staff on a pool of water to electrify the unlucky targets that happen to be stepping on it.


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