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divinity original sin enhanced edition mac linux
Come one, come all seems to be the motto of Larian Studios with the studio releasing its features-packed Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition on Mac, Linux and SteamOS. The launch on these additional platforms follows the initial release of Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles last October 24. Divinity Original Sin is a critically acclaimed rpg with already a sequel out, but the original still continues to d...
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Dec 30 2015
divinity original sin 2 enhanced edition content trailer
With only three days to go before the Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition launch for consoles, developers for the hit rpg have cobbled together a trailer highlighting the game's most impressive features. The Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition console trailer starts off with a proud declaration that it has accumulated more than 150 awards and nominations since release, shutting down naysayers that doubted its appeal. Solo mmo adventurers ...
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Oct 24 2015
divinity original sin 2 enhanced edition combat trailer
The previews continue for Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition, this time with the release of the combat trailer. The Divinity Original Enhanced Edition combat trailer points out how rpg developers have translated turn-based combat for gamepads while still making it an intuitive and fluid control system for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms."The combat in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition, is both torturously tactical, or brig...
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Oct 17 2015
divinity original sin enhanced edition release date
Western fans salivating over the Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition now have the release date and pre-order details to tide over their hunger. The Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition will be releasing and hitting the PS4 and Xbox One consoles on October 27 (PSN Europe October 28).MMO fans that pre-order the Enhanced Edition will also be able to score the Last Trick Bag, which is filled with new cosmetic items and the White Dragon wand...
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Oct 09 2015
Divinity: Original Sin 2 Announced
It seems that the Divinity: Original Sin games have lodged themselves firmly into the hearts of gamers. The original rpg was successfully funded on Kickstarter and also saw a full retail release, which is something of a huge rarity in this digital age. Now gamers can look forward to some more glorious turn-based combat in an immersive setting as Larian Studios have announced the upcoming Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter campaign that will beg...
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Aug 12 2015
divinity original sin consoles
Having achieved critical acclaim and commercial success on its PC launch, Divinity Original Sin is looking to conquer the console realms. Larian Studios will be teaming up with Focus Home Interactive to create Divinity Original Sin for consoles, specifically for Xbox One and PS4. To be called Divinity Original Sin - Enhanced Edition, the console variants will also include new and improved content. Here's a teaser trailer to whet your appetite: ...
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May 15 2015
divinity original sin retail edition launch
The Kickstarter-funded rpg Divinity Original Sin is now shipping out to all major US retailers including Wal-Mart, Best Buy, GameStop and Target. The Divinity Original Sin retail edition release follows its successful Steam launch, and is looking to bring in even more fans into the fold. Who still buys physical boxes, you ask? Plenty, it seems, and developers assure that the retail version is patched and comes attached with the Source Hunter DL...
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Dec 17 2014
Divinity: Original Sin releases The Bear & the Burglar DLC
It's a good time to be a player of Divinity: Original Sin, the fantasy rpg. The game has been very successful as it's sold over half a million copies since it was released. Now players will have the services of two new companions in the game as Larian Studios has just released some new content. The Divinity: Original Sin The Bear & the Burglar DLC was released today through Steam. What makes this update even better is that it's totally free. ...
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Sep 16 2014
divinity original sin launch
It's all systems go for Divinity Original Sin, the fantasy rpg from Larian Studios that has managed to capture the hearts (and dollars) of gamers. The Divinity Original Sin launch comes after a successful million-dollar crowdfunding run and months of play testing on Steam Early Access. Developers have honed the gameplay and features to make it an immersive rpg with exciting turn-based combat, a gripping storyline filled with choice and consequen...
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Jul 01 2014
divinity original sin editor cow simulator
Larian Studios is releasing the Divinity Original Sin multiplayer game editor on June 26, and to show off the amazing potential of this tool to create new adventures for the MMORPG, developers have created the Cow Simulator 2014 where users play as a cow. That's only beaten by the fact that you can play as a cow in co-op with up to four players as well as fight in the arena. The cow simulation is just a sample of how the Divinity Original Sin ed...
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Jun 23 2014