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  • Divine Souls: combat

    Divine Souls: combat
    Divine Souls uses an active combat system. Dodge attacks and use combos in addition to the traditional keybound abilities....
    Divine Souls: combat

    Divine Souls: map

    Divine Souls: map
    Head to any zone wall to access the map and pick a location to quick travel to. Each zone lets players know the suggested level....
    Divine Souls: map

    Divine Souls: skills

    Divine Souls: skills
    Unlock or upgrade skills by heading to the Skill Master. Enchanting skills requires books which players can find while playing....
    Divine Souls: skills

    Divine Souls: dungeons

    Divine Souls: dungeons
    Dungeons can be done solo or with a group and on multiple difficulties. When a character is knocked out, they can get up a set num...
    Divine Souls: dungeons

Divine Souls Gameplay First Look - HD

Divine Souls Gameplay First Look - HD

Divine Souls is a fantasy free online RPG developed by GamePrix and published by GamenGame. Adventures take place in a fantasy world that also has steampunk elements and the story is based on light versus darkness eternal conflict. Divine Souls has MOBA action gameplay, several difficulty modes, PvE and PvP content and amazing 3D graphics. Players get to build a character by choosing a faction and class, complete game content, obtain gear and unlock skills to customize character’s play style. There is PvE and PvP content designed for single player but also massive events for large alliances of players. Groups of players can tackle different challenges such as raids with powerful bosses or adventures. PvP players fight against members of the opposing faction, each victory counts toward general player ranking and allows players to acquire PvP titles and other rewards.

Each Divine Souls class is represented by a hero, there are 6 classes or heroes to choose from. Kyle Ladin is a Fighter, he is a melee hero specialized in martial arts and uses strength as primary stat. Mireyu Rinel is the Slasher, swords are her favorite weapons. Coco Bolo is a Mage that uses spells for ranged attacks and she is capable of high amounts of burst damage. Patan Cromwell represents the dual Priest class, he casts benefic spells and buffs for the entire group but uses a Death Scythe to annihilate enemies. Twin Blade and Berserker are the other two Divine Souls classes, both heroes use physical attacks. From early levels players will be faced with different types of monsters, Divine Souls is a free RPG with traditional fantasy creatures like imps or goblins and also steampunk constructs like steam ogres and anthropoids. Divine Souls has action combat that is based on skills. Active skills are spells and abilities, combo skills are a powerful mix of active skills, passive skills indirectly influence active and combo skills. Divine Souls has a system called enchant that is used to optimize equipment and also to empower skills.

All MMORPG players are familiar with achievements but this system works a bit different in Divine Souls. After successfully completing certain missions, players get a title and also a stats boosting item. Gold is obtained from almost all Divine Souls game activities. Players use the Divine Souls auction house to trade items, this is a good way to make a nice profit by selling unwanted items and goods that are in high demand. Raid bosses are the most difficult Divine Souls PvE content, it takes a whole party or even an entire guild to defeat them. Battlefield is a PvP MOBA event and it’s one of Divine Souls most popular features.

By Rachel Rosen

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