Digimon Masters unwraps ToyAgumon and Baihumon

By Michael Jamias
digimon masters toyagumon baihumon

Two new digimons have arrived on Digimon Masters to bring holiday cheer: the festive ToyAgumon and the holy beast, Baihumon.

Nothing says happy holidays more than ToyAgumon (shown in thumbnail above), a digimon made entirely of bright color blocks with super cute eyes you won't be able to resist.

Meanwhile, Baihumon is perfect for gamers who want large, ferociously furry digimon to keep them warm and safe this winter season.

Together with the launch of ToyAgumon and Baihumon, developers have announced a couple of holiday reward events.

The first reward event asks you to visit the Digimon Masters Facebook page, Like it and get a chance to win a special silk package in January.

Silk is the cash shop currency for the monster taming MMORPG, and with it you can buy all sorts of cool items and gear to power up your character and digimon.

Players only have until January 14 to enter. Prizes will be given out two weeks after on January 28.

The second reward event is meant to encourage new players to continually playing the free online rpg. Those who create a new account from December 24 to January 28 will receive rewards depending on how fast they level up.

Players who reach level 10 will get milk chocolates, jump boosters and a 1-day Portable Reclaimer. Every 5 additional levels unlock increasingly generous item packages. This reaches up to level 30 wherein the fast-leveling newbie gets a premium item package, including DigiClone A, DigiClone B, a 7-Day DigiAura and a Portable Digimon Storage.


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