Digimon Masters getting a new PvP Battle System in 2013

By Michael Jamias
digimon masters pvp battle system

New developer interview reveals plans to implement full PvP in Digimon Masters next year.

“We plan to develop a new battle system for 2013 after the jogress system and updates, such as new additional areas, are complete,” said the lead developer for Digimon Masters. “We apologize once again for the delay in development of the battle system you are greatly looking forward to.”

The new PvP Battle System, which was previewed some time ago, revved up the rpg fan base because it would allow Digimon trainers to go head to head against each other. But due to several balancing issues that proved too hard to overcome, the developers chose to scrap the project and start again with a new plan of attack. These setbacks along with major staff changes were noted as the main causes for delay.

In the same interview, developers also gave a few teaser hints on the new Tamer character coming to the free rpg. The new Tamer will be “related to the surveys (they) conducted through (their) official website,” which narrowed down the possibilities.

Developers also discussed the details of the current Halloween events which are in full swing. The mmo game is hosting its own style of trick-or-treat. Players who log in and play for longer periods of time will receive better rewards, from xp boosters up to Halloween candy that can be traded for an assortment of special items.


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