Collect the elusive Psychemon in Digimon Masters

By Michael Jamias
digimon masters psychemon sale

For two weeks the fuchsia-furred Psychemon is yours for the taking at the Digimon Masters store. MMORPG battle trainers can purchase this limited-edition Data-type digimon for a few good reasons.

The first is for its cuteness. Digimon Masters' Psychemon is a sight for sore eyes with its cuddly visuals -- that green tummy, unicorn-style horn and striped arms are definite highlights.

Cuddly and timid as it may appear to be, Psychemon is no pushover in combat either, capable of devastating enemies with its signature Colorful Dance and Psyche Horn attacks.

Avid collectors will also want to shell out cash for the Digimon Masters Psychemon limited-edition sale due to the digimon's high rarity value. After March 11, this reclusive digimon will return to hiding and never be seen again for what we think will be a long time, if at all.

Last but not the least, there's a mysterious allure to training a Psychemon because no one still knows its digivolution form. Developers are keeping it under wraps for now, but we're sure it won't disappoint both in the looks and power level departments considering it's a pay-to-get digimon.

Those not riding on the Psychemon hype train will find lots of other activities to occupy them in the online rpg, such as harvesting the loads of goodies in the new welcome back campaign and White Day celebrations.


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