A pair of Lucemons descend on Digimon Masters' 2nd anniversary

By Michael Jamias
digimon masters lucemons 2nd anniversary

The cherub-like Lucemon and diabolic Lucemon Falldown Mode are yours to command in Digimon Masters.

Both Lucemons have arrived in time for the Digimon Masters 2nd anniversary celebration to be held until October 22.

Don't be fooled by Lucemon's innocence. Its power and intelligence exceeds that of an Ultimate Digimon, so trainers should tread carefully when battling against it.

Meanwhile, the regal Lucemon Falldown Mode is described as the ultimate Demon Lord possessing both aspects of the divne and diabolic. This is represented by his black-and-white wings and clothing, as shown in the thumbnail above. Lucemon Falldown Mode has a power level beyond the Megas, with a borderline schizophrenic personality that in one moment loves all creation and in another wants to destroy everything.

To mark the Lucemons' entry to the MMORPG, there will be special cash shop event. Those who purchase Lucemon will get Daemon for free. There's also a prize draw where 150 players will get the awesome Ultimate Digimon of Tsukaimon, Daemon for free. (Yes, it's OK to spazz out, young tamer.)

If you're not keen on buying Lucemon or aren't feeling lucky, don't fret; everybody wins a little something just for logging on to the online rpg this anniversary month.

All tamers will receive reward items such as capsule coins and gift boxes for logging into the game for up to an hour. If you manage to stay online for one-and-a-half hours, you get a snazzy 7-day Taekwondo uniform, a +20 Friendliness boost and 50% movement increase.


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