Digimon Masters Having Gigantic Sale

By Josh Wirtanen
Digimon Masters Having Gigantic Sale

As Steam has proven countless times in the past, gamers absolutely adore mega price-slashing sales. In that spirit the Digimon-themed MMORPG from the folks at Joymax, Digimon Masters Online is having a huge 70% off sale in its cash shop. The discounted items represent some of the most popular packages in the shop.

First off is EXP Equipment set A, which includes a 60% EXP Booster, Black Star Hoodie, Music Headphones, Red Power Gloves, and Vintage Jeans. Then there's EXP Equipment Set B, which comes with a 60% EXP Booster, Black Long-Sleeved Hoodie, Music Headphones, Black Power Gloves, and Black Cargo Pants.

Are those not enough for you? Well try the premium packages. Premium Package A includes all the stuff in EXP Equipment Set A, only the EXP booster is 100% instead of just 60%. Likewise, Premium Package B is the 100% booster version of Equipment Set B.

And don't forget, Digimon Masters Online is also in the midst of celebrating its newest Jogress Digimon, Shakkoumon, with another specialized item package of its own.

If you're itching for some fantastic deals, act quickly. The sale only lasts until September 24.


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