Agumon (Black) roars into Digimon Masters

By Michael Jamias
digimon masters agumon black

The popular Agumon (Black) digimon is now playable on the monster training MMO, marking its first appearance outside of single-player Digimon games.

Agumon (Black) was first introduced in the Digimon World 3 rpg for the PlayStation console, and made recurring roles in the Digimon: Dusk and Digimon: Dawn. Agumon (Black) can be trained starting March 12.

Digimon Masters developer and publisher Joymax said it decided to include the fierce and cocky Agumon (Black) as an exclusive treat to fans.

Agumon (Black) will be a Rookie-level Virus with similar abilities and stats to his sibling Agumon.  He will digivolve into Greymon (Black), a transition that should begin to differentiate Agumon (Black) from Agumon.

The evolved form of Agumon (Black) will manifest as a blue body with grey markings, increasing its fearsome look. Agumon (Black) is a frightening fighter, using its trademark Grey Tooth attack to “take a serious bite out of anyone foolish enough to challenge him.”

Digimon Masters players who train Agumon (Black) will be rewarded with a powerful Ultimate digivolution form – Metal Greymon (Black), which is a Virus type digimon with a cybernetic body, and Giga Destroyer and Megaton Punch attacks.

His Mega form, War Greymon(Black), is a cybernetic monstrosity that seeks out dark justice, said Joymax, capable of devastating its enemies with its all-consuming Black Tornado and Dark Gaia Force assaults.


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