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digimon masters psychemon sale
For two weeks the fuchsia-furred Psychemon is yours for the taking at the Digimon Masters store. MMORPG battle trainers can purchase this limited-edition Data-type digimon for a few good reasons. The first is for its cuteness. Digimon Masters' Psychemon is a sight for sore eyes with its cuddly visuals -- that green tummy, unicorn-style horn and striped arms are definite highlights. Cuddly and timid as it may appear to be, Psychemon is no pushov...
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Feb 26 2014
digimon masters toyagumon baihumon
Two new digimons have arrived on Digimon Masters to bring holiday cheer: the festive ToyAgumon and the holy beast, Baihumon. Nothing says happy holidays more than ToyAgumon (shown in thumbnail above), a digimon made entirely of bright color blocks with super cute eyes you won't be able to resist. Meanwhile, Baihumon is perfect for gamers who want large, ferociously furry digimon to keep them warm and safe this winter season. Together with the ...
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Dec 25 2013
digimon masters lucemons 2nd anniversary
The cherub-like Lucemon and diabolic Lucemon Falldown Mode are yours to command in Digimon Masters. Both Lucemons have arrived in time for the Digimon Masters 2nd anniversary celebration to be held until October 22. Don't be fooled by Lucemon's innocence. Its power and intelligence exceeds that of an Ultimate Digimon, so trainers should tread carefully when battling against it. Meanwhile, the regal Lucemon Falldown Mode is described as the ult...
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Oct 02 2013
Digimon Masters Having Gigantic Sale
As Steam has proven countless times in the past, gamers absolutely adore mega price-slashing sales. In that spirit the Digimon-themed MMORPG from the folks at Joymax, Digimon Masters Online is having a huge 70% off sale in its cash shop. The discounted items represent some of the most popular packages in the shop. First off is EXP Equipment set A, which includes a 60% EXP Booster, Black Star Hoodie, Music Headphones, Red Power Glo...
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Sep 03 2013
Digimon Masters Online Adds New Tamer
Digimon Masters Online, Joymax's MMO set in the beloved Digimon Universe, has added a brand new trainer named Mimi, who should be familiar to anyone who has played Digimon Adventure 2. An official press release describes a bit about her personality: "Mimi is a young lady to be liked by people who are basically good, but there is something a little selfish and irresponsible about her, probably because she was brought up on easy street in a w...
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Jul 03 2013
digimon masters online file island part 2
Digimon Masters Online is opening up the rest of File Island in part two of arguably its most popular update in recent memory. Developer Joymax said that File Island part 2 will be released on June 2 and is set to last until July 4. It will feature new areas such as File Island Waterfront, the Lost Historic Site and Infinite Mountain. That last one promises to be the pinnacle test for MMO players, as it will be host the Boss Mob Devimon. Series...
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May 29 2013
digimon masters agumon black
The popular Agumon (Black) digimon is now playable on the monster training MMO, marking its first appearance outside of single-player Digimon games. Agumon (Black) was first introduced in the Digimon World 3 rpg for the PlayStation console, and made recurring roles in the Digimon: Dusk and Digimon: Dawn. Agumon (Black) can be trained starting March 12. Digimon Masters developer and publisher Joymax said it decided to include the fierce and cock...
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Mar 12 2013
digimon masters pvp battle system
New developer interview reveals plans to implement full PvP in Digimon Masters next year. “We plan to develop a new battle system for 2013 after the jogress system and updates, such as new additional areas, are complete,” said the lead developer for Digimon Masters. “We apologize once again for the delay in development of the battle system you are greatly looking forward to.” The new PvP Battle System, which was previewed some time ago, revved ...
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Nov 02 2012