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    Digimon Masters: Characters
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    Digimon Masters: Digimon

    Digimon Masters: Digimon
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Digimon Masters Gameplay

Digimon Masters Gameplay

Digimon Masters Online, also known as DMO, is a monster battle MMO that mixes traditional online rpg elements of leveling and point-and-click adventuring with the trademark pet management and evolution concept that has made the Digimon franchise so popular. Players take on the role of a tamer trying to explore and conquer a world filled with wild digital monsters or digimon.

Everything starts when you create your first Digimon Masters tamer character. There are three starting tamers from which you can choose, all inspired by characters in the Japanese series animation. There is the brash brawler Marcus Damon (Daimon Masaru), the calculating genius Thomas H. Norstein (Toma H Nosyutain) and the self-motivated and only girl tamer Yoshino Fujieda (Fujieda Yoshino). You can certainly choose among the three based on their background, but many will also choose based on their statistics. Marcus has high attack and defense but the lowest Digi-Soul stat, while Thomas has high health points while Yoshino ranks highest in Digi-Soul.

After choosing a tamer, you will also choose a between three partner digimon – the fire reptile Agumon, the wind bestial Gaomon or the earth flora Lalamon. Each digimon offers unique skills and stat abilities, and can each evolve into more powerful forms after gaining enough levels. Both tamers and digimon level up separately mainly by defeating wild digimon and earning experience points. Winning battles also yields tamer gear that can be equipped for their stat-boosting bonuses.

The Digimon Masters battle system is basically governed by the rock-paper-scissors concept. Digimon possess elements that are also weak and strong against specific attributes. This means you will need to develop a deep team of digimon – composed of your starting partner digimon as well as mercenary digimon you recruit through various means in the game. The MMO becomes that much easier if you develop a well-rounded bench of digimon to fight for you.

Similar to most other free online rpg titles, Digimon Masters Online runs a cash shop item mall where players can purchase silk charge currency, which can in turn be exchanged for digieggs that allow for higher evolutions, tamer cosmetic gear, and even XP boosting equipment. While there are indeed items to speed up your progress faster than normal, the game can be played casually for dozens of hours before you are even persuaded to spend on the cash shop. Even then, there are plenty who continue to the endgame without buying anything, although be prepared to clock in more time and effort.

By Michael Jamias


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