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    Digimon Battle: Creation
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    Digimon Battle: Login
    Scaly imagery and lessened community from release date....
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    Digimon Battle: Customization
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    Digimon Battle: Combat
    In combat you can have up to 3 digimon and you must wait for your bar to fill before you can attack....
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Digimon Battle Gameplay

Digimon Battle Gameplay

Digimon Battle is a mmorpg based on the famous Digimon animation movie, developed by Digitalic and published by WeMade Entertainment. Digimon Battle is a game aimed at a very young playerbase. There is no violence display or bloody fights. Older gamers or parents can spend a few hours on Digimon Battle just for fun. Digimon Battle players become tamers. A tamer is a Digimon trainer. Tamers and their Digimons fight against the evil Digimons. Tamers and Digimons level up and gain new titles and special skills. The most prestigious titles are Royal Night Tamer and Legend Tamer. Digimon Battle Hall of Fame lists best players.

Digimon Battle is a game for kids and character selection reflects that. There are 4 playable characters: 2 boys and 2 girls. All characters are 10 years old. Takata Matsuki is a normal boy who one day got the Digivice. Ever since then, Digimons became a big part of his life. Henry Wong knows his way around computers and technology. Although he is very young, he is surprisingly mature. Rika Nonaka treats her Digimon as a battle pet. She is determined to become the best Digimon Tamer. Jari Katou is a nice and friendly girl. She is very fond of her dog puppet. Digimon Battle online rpg has 3 types of Digimons: partner, captured and evil. Three partner digimons are available right from the start. The other 4 are unlocked after completing Digimon Battle events. Captured Digimons are found in adventures. Evil Digimons are the enemy mobs. Each Digimon has a virus, data or vaccine characteristic. Digimons have 3 main stats: HP, strength and dexterity. Secondary stats are: attack power, speed and defense. Digimons gain XP from battles, level up and get a stat increase. Skills have 4 levels: rookie, champion, ultimate and mega. Skills are upgraded using skill points gained from leveling. Digimons also have some sort of talent tree with 3 branches: general, armor and card. When creating a new character, players will select a tamer and a Digimon.

Digimon Battle takes place in two worlds: the real world and the digital world. The real world is the starting place for new players. The points of interest are: Digital Admin Bureau and the Amusement Park. Several starting dungeons can be accessed from the real world. Wild Digimons roam the real world and experienced players hunt them. The digital world has 4 zones: Square World, Saw Blade World, Wind Valley and Gekomon Region. MudFrigimon village is a training area for rookie Digimons. Digimon Battle is a free mmo with a cash shop. Digimon Battle premium currency is WeCash.

By Rachel Rosen

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