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Players can unleash their inner real estate tycoon in Dice Venture, the free to play mmo developed by n2play. Published by Netmarble, this game features Monopoly-style gameplay but with a host of unique twists. The goal of this game is simple: buy as many cities as you can and attempt to drive your opponents into bankruptcy by having them pay rents on your properties when they land on them.

As play begins in Dice Venture, the player choose a character card to be his avatar within this online casual board game. Each character has different potentials and advantages. These potentials become unlocked as the character advances using the game's star system. One example is Susie, a character that is more easily able to escape the deserted isle (where the player cannot move for three turns unless he escapes through one of several different methods) but is unable to lower costs or taxes.

Featuring quick matches that tend to last about 20 to 25 minutes, players can join a four player head-to-head match or play a match where two teams of two players each battle it out. The basic gameplay of Dive Venture will be recognizable to fans of Monopoly. Players roll dice to move around a board. When they land on a city, they can purchase it. Later on, they can develop it by adding buildings. The more developed a city is, the more other players will have to pay in tolls when they land on it. However, there are a number of unique twists to make this game new and refreshing. Players can roll again if they roll doubles, but if they roll three doubles in a row, they get sent to the deserted island. Players can also take over properties if they have enough cash on hand after paying the toll. This allows for frequent changes of region ownership and the cash circulates madly amongst the players. To keep this mmo game flowing at a quick pace, each player's turn has a set time limit before the game takes auto control of the character. Fortune cards add a wrinkle as they can both help a player or hinder them. Some fortune cards will cause the player to have to pay additional taxes or be carted off to the deserted island. Other cards allow the player to punish other players by having aliens attacking one of their cities or having an epidemic sweep through an area, thus lowering the tolls.

There are several ways to win in Dice Venture. Players can bankrupt the other players or by having the most assets when the game's time (or turn) limit is reached. You can also win by controlling all the tourist cities (selected randomly each game) at the same time. Players can also win automatically if they monopolize three different colors or an entire side of the board. Become the Rich Uncle Pennybags of Monopoly fame that you've always dreamed about as you wheel and deal across the globe.

By Jeff Francis

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