Diablo 3 giving out +50% bonus XP till Reaper of Souls launch

By Michael Jamias
diablo 50 bonus xp

Blizzard supercharges your Diablo 3 leveling speed with a 50% XP boost that lets you catch up in levels in time for the Reaper of Souls expansion release on March 25.

Take advantage of the Diablo 3 +50% bonus XP boost until March 24, or the day before expansion launch. For new players just rolling their first character, this should cut down hours from your leveling grind and give you a chance to get to the same level as your more veteran friends.

The significant XP bonus should also prove useful to get higher in the new shared Paragon leveling system, which was recently implemented and will play a large role in how you progress in the endgame. Now all your characters share and contribute to a single account-wide Paragon level, so you can basically just level up your main and watch your mmorpg alts also grow in power. Or you can play all your alts but still not fall behind other players just focusing on one main.

The Diablo 3 bonus 50% XP will be applicable to just the PC and Mac versions of the action rpg.

The XP boost has been activated as part of a larger pre-expansion patch 2.0.1, which also activated the all-new Loot 2.0 system, a revamped Difficulty system that allows for more difficult challenges, and a skill updates across all classes in preparation for the Reaper of Souls release.


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