Diablo 3 Mega Patch 1.0.4 Goes Live

By Michael Jamias
diablo 3 patch 1 0 4

Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.4 – a sprawling patch that addresses some of the most pressing class and endgame issues in the action online rpg – was activated today.

Patch 1.0.4 introduces the new Paragon system, a max-level progression system that adds 100 Paragon levels for maxed-out level 60 characters. “When a hero reaches level 60, experience earned will begin to count toward Paragon levels,” said Blizzard in its complete patch notes. Each Paragon level a Diablo 3 player earns will reward a permanent bonus to Gold Find and Magic Find as well as core stat increases depending on class. More importantly, this removes the burden of wearing a lot of Magic Find items in the endgame.

Legendary items in the also gain a big boost in damage and affix values, and even new spell procs and abilities. Blizzard said it made Legendary items “more powerful, more memorable, ultimately more fun to use” in order to make them live up to their name as the rarest items in the online rpg.

Diablo 3 mobs also got bumped down in difficulty. Rare and Champion packs were made less troublesome relative to the normal monsters; their enrage timers and “heal to full” mechanic were completely removed. Endgame adventurers will also notice less costly repairs for high end items by roughly 25%.

Lastly, all five classes received wide-ranging buffs which Blizzard said was made to “help promote build diversity” in the MMO.


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