Diablo III's community Legendary revealed

By Tam Mageean
diablo 3 legendary

Back in October, the mmo titans, Blizzard, launched their "Design a Legendary Project" for Diablo III. The developers wanted to share a little insight into the blood, sweat and tears that goes into the research and development side of bringing new content to their flagship, action rpg.

"As we started to put our pens to the proverbial paper, though, we had an epiphany:

"Hey, instead of just telling players about item design, why not actually show them?"

And so, the Design a Legendary Project was born."

From then on, Diablo III fans have been hard at work, following the development team throughout the creative process and offering their own input on how the new Legendary should look and perform.

The team, and the community, have been through 3 phases so far; Choose Your Weapon, Choose Your Theme and Choose Your Power and have now passed the crux of the forth phase, "Visual Design", and we're now getting our first glimpses of kit.

Diablo 3 Mephisto Legendary

The Mephisto-themed, one-handed sword is on its second draft now, after the community offered a bunch of suggestions, and player feedback has resulted in a sleeker, spookier, more Mephisto-looking weapon, complete with chains, skeletal textures and huge, cantilever horns for handguards.

If you'd like to take part in the Diablo 3, Design a Legendary Project, you can get involved now in the final drafts, via the official forums.


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