Diablo 3 Legendaries bound for power boosts

By Michael Jamias
diablo 3 legendaries power boost

Blizzard Entertainment also vowed to increase the item diversity in the hit action online rpg.

In its newest developer journal, Diablo 3 game designer Travis Day confirmed plans to increase the base stats of Legendary items by allowing them to roll based on the level of the monster that dropped them.

“So, for example, if you found a Heart of Iron from a level 63 monster, its base armor would be increased to that of Archon Armor and its stat ranges would roll at level 63,” said Day, pointing out that this should provide players with more exciting incentives to farm at higher levels for even upgraded Legendary versions.

Day said the team will also be actively boosting the item diversity in the game. Possibly taking a cue from how mmorpg games develop hundreds of items to accommodate a swath of builds, Diablo 3 will likewise expand its Legendary items to expand player options.

Potential Legendary items cited by Day include a Voodoo Mask that increases pet damage, a Barbarian set that makes Call of the Ancients last until death, and a Wizard Orb that allows for twin Hydras to devastate the battlefield simultaneously. The basic idea is to imbue substantially more Legendary items with “game-changing effects” so they feel more rewarding to obtain, and more exciting to use.


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