Diablo 3 for PS3 and PS4

By Rachel Rosen
diablo 3 for ps3 and ps4

This year’s Sony PlayStation event turned out to be quite eventful. The highlight of the show was, without a doubt, the announcement of the new PS4. There were demos, developers talking about PS4 improvements and additions. One of the biggest surprises was when Chris Metzen appeared on stage. As we know, Metzen is currently holding the position of senior VP in charge with story and franchise at Blizzard Entertainment. He is involved in all 3 Blizzard games and he also voiced some of the most popular game characters. His announcement was, as he called it, “short and sweet”.


Blizzard Entertainment entered a partnership with Sony to bring Diablo3 to PS3 and PS4. Metzen reminded us that Blizzard started as a console game developing company and, despite the fact they lately focused on PC games, the idea and desire to jump back into console gaming was always there. Diablo 3 was chosen as the most suitable existing Blizzard game to be ported to PS consoles. There was no gameplay demo showed or release day announced but Metzen informed the audience that Diablo 3 was already optimized for console play. Controls, user interface and inventory have been changed. Just like in the PC version, players will be able to form 4 man teams for co-op challenges. All Diablo3 PC features (paragon levels, monster power, etc.) are also available on the PS version. More info and playable demos will be revealed this March at Pax East event in Boston.


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