Diablo 3 Character Profiles Ready for Browsing and Sharing

By Michael Jamias
diablo 3 character profiles

Blizzard has finally rolled out the character profiles feature for Diablo 3, allowing players to view and share their full hero dossiers through a web browser.

Players can visit the Diablo 3 community site and log in using their Battle.net account to view their heroic gear, stats and skills in the hack-and-slash online rpg. (Character profiles draw the data from the game servers.)

Character profiles also track the game progress of each character, indicating which ones have cleared Normal difficulty and which ones have racked up the most number of elite mob kills.

The nice-to-know tidbits found in character profiles can also be shared among BattleTag friends. This will not only help rpg fans scout for the best-looking gear sets, but according to Blizzard, will also help players “quickly compare notes on gear, skill and rune choices, and everything in between.”

“We like that profiles provide for easy sharing, comparing, and refining of your heroes as you pursue monster-slaying master. In fact, we like profiles so much that we plan to add even more functionality to them as Diablo 3 evolves, including detailed statistics and tabs for achievements and artisans,” Blizzard added in a blog post.

For keen observers, this suggests that the developer is planning to create a similar information-overloaded database for Diablo 3 characters as those it made for characters in the World of Warcraft MMO.


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