Say goodbye to the Diablo III Auction House

By Tam Mageean
diablo 3 auction

As far as corruption in rpg games goes, the Diablo III Auction House must hold the record for most notorious. Since Diablo III's launched the auction house, back in June 2012, the community has cried from every corner of the internet to have it fixed, or better still; removed.

The auction house boldly, and ambitiously allowed players to trade virtually anything via the auction house system, in exchange for either in-game gold, or real-world money.

Selling in-game items has existed in mmo games since the dawn of their existence, regardless of in-game support, and Blizzard had hoped that their unique system would provide the community with a safe, controllable, legal way to transact goods, whilst taking a tiny slice of the pie for themselves.

Diablo 3 Auction House

Debate over whether the Gold Auction house or the Real Money Auction House was to blame for the system's downfall is still ongoing, and a very touchy subject, but in short; both systems detracted from the spirit of Diablo III, and an entire, economic meta-game forced its way forward, with gamers eager to snap up a quick, digital buck.

Back in October, Blizzard finally admitted defeat and decided to pull the plug on the auction house. Today, to most players' delight, the auction house drops its gavel for the last ever time and gameplay will hopefully return to normal.

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