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Devilian Online Closed Beta First look Gameplay - HD

Devilian Online Closed Beta First look Gameplay - HD

Devilian Online is a hack and slash online RPG developed by Ginno Games and published by NHN Hangame Korea. Game mechanics remind players of Diablo 3 or Path of Exile but Devilian Online also features original concepts such as the transformation system and dynamic events.

Devilian Online offers 3 playable classes. The Warrior is a melee class that favors 2 handed weapons. His attack style is based on deadly combos that allow him to engage multiple enemies at a time. High HP value and strong armor ensure great survivability. The Sorcerer is a good choice for those who prefer to fight from a distance. An entire arsenal of offensive spells makes the Sorcerer the best Devilian Online dps class. The Assassin is a rogue like character that can use both melee and ranged attacks. In addition to special abilities, combat moves and talents, all characters gain access to the transformation system and obtain immense power for a limited period of time. PvE content requires players to complete story quests and 3 types of dungeons (easy, normal and hard). The most valuable loot comes from hard dungeons. Portals that spawn lots of mobs are a random dynamic event. When encountering a portal, players are faced with 2 options: close the portal before any mobs spawn and safely continue their adventure or engage the mobs in combat and gain substantial rewards. All quality MMORPG games must implement an advantage/disadvantage system to achieve class balance. Devilian Online players are encouraged to group up and play as a team to make up for their class weakness. For example, Sorcerers have very low armor so they should team up with a Warrior. This doesn’t mean that users cannot enjoy solo play. All content can be cleared in single player mode but it takes experience and skills. Raid bosses are the most challenging Devilian Online monsters. The hack and slash strategy that works for all lesser mobs cannot be applied when fighting raid bosses. These fights have specific mechanics that require planning and practice.

Devilian Online has 2 types of quests: main story quests and secondary missions. The main quests are mandatory for players progression and to unlock new game zones. Secondary missions are optional quests. The auto walking feature simplifies questing and allows players to save time when looking for quests objectives and NPCs. Devilian Online free RPG features multiple forms of PvP content. Arena fights allow players to take part in 1 vs. 1 and 3 vs. 3 duels. Large scale maps support 20 vs. 20 PvP scenarios. Devilian Online provides a fun and casual gameplay experience for all types of players.

By Rachel Rosen


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